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Taking Actions to Stop Creditor Harassment

Do you get harassing calls from your creditors or are they calling you much more than what you feel is appropriate? While creditors are allowed to take action to collect, this does not mean they can act with impunity. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was put in place to protect individuals like yourself from creditors and collectors who choose to break the law. It consists of the rules and regulations which collectors are supposed to follow. Our knowledgeable centrally located Salt Lake City bankruptcy attorneys at Enderton & Mathews, LLC are here to protect you.


Our firm is dedicated to helping you stop creditor harassment. We have more than 30 years of experience in the field of bankruptcy, including investigating incidents of creditor harassment. If you and your family are being mistreated because of the debt you owe, we can help. Not only can we prevent creditors from taking inappropriate action against you, but we can help you take control of your debt.

After you have filed for bankruptcy, a creditor will receive notice of the filing. After this notice is received, an automatic stay is put into effect. This essentially means that your creditors are forbidden to do anything in an attempt to collect on a debt during the time that the stay is in place.

There are many things which creditors are prohibited from doing once you file bankruptcy, including

  • Contacting you regarding the debt. It is an especially severe violation of the automatic stay if they call you at work.
  • Sending threatening letters or phone calls.
  • Sending you mail.


Filing for bankruptcy may be the answer to stopping creditor harassment. Our Salt Lake City bankruptcy attorneys are here to offer support and guidance while protecting your rights. We are dedicated to standing up for you and helping you seek relief from inappropriate actions on behalf of creditors.

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