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Helping You Avoid Common Bankruptcy Mistakes

Whether you have made the decision to file for bankruptcy or are still weighing your options, we can help guide you in the direction that is right for you. Our centrally located Salt Lake City bankruptcy attorneys at Enderton & Mathews, LLC know how stressful it is to deal with debt and the resulting uncertainty. By choosing to work with our firm as you seek debt relief, you can rest assured you will have our knowledge and experience on your side.

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  • Don’t make any preferential transfers such as paying money to family or friends;
  • Don’t use your credit cards;
  • Don't obtain cash advances;
  • Don’t purchase luxury items or any other item costing more than $200.00 within 90 days of filing.
  • Do list all your Bankruptcy paperwork and do list all debts, including those to friends, family, or other “insiders”
  • Don’t pay debts to unsecured creditors that you are trying to protect;
  • Don’t sell, transfer, or give property to anyone without talking to us;
  • Do tell is if you are about to receive an inheritance or large insurance settlement;
  • Don’t try to hide income, assets, or debts;
  • Don’t convert exempt assets to non-exempt assets before filing, such as cashing out retirement plans or 401ks.
  • Don’t incur more debt in an attempt to avoid bankruptcy such as taking out a second mortgage unless you KNOW it will help you avoid bankruptcy;
  • Don’t take out “payday loans;”
  • Do tell your Bankruptcy Attorney about liens on your home. If you tell us about them it is possible they can be addressed in such a way that the lien is extinguished;
  • Don’t misrepresent any facts to us or the Bankruptcy Court. It is easier to deal with the facts as they are than it is to deal with the fact you failed to disclose something;

Please make sure we discuss any of the above issues as it is likely that we can help you resolve the problem before you file your bankruptcy.


The most important thing to consider when you are filing for bankruptcy is to take it seriously. Working with a centrally located Salt Lake City bankruptcy lawyer from our firm who can guide you through the steps is highly advisable. Any actions you take from now until the time you file will be viewed and possibly considered by the court when they make decisions. It is important to avoid any actions which could be questionable or seem fraudulent.If possible, talk to us before you take action that could have harmful consequences in your bankruptcy. Let us help you make some pre-bankruptcy decisions.

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